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Changing the Display Preferences and Resolution for VMs in VMware Fusion

Intro For one issue (documented here), I had to reinstall the VMware tools on a Windows VM. After the reinstall, the screen resolution looked kinda weird. I had one of the highest Resolution on a Retina Display. But since it was so zoomed out, I couldn’t say that I was enjoying the high resolution. Adjusting …read more →

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VM has No Network Connection, Windows 7 – VMware Fusion 10.1 (Workstation)

Recently I had a weird issue that a Windows 7 virtual machine on VMware Fusion (10.1) wasn’t able to make any network connections. After doing all the basic checks (NAT configured, Windows Firewall, Network adapter connected in VM) I didn’t had a clue what was causing the issue. Still, the problem looked like an issue …read more →

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