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BlogPost Series: LCM of VMware vSphere & HPE Hardware – Scripts & Reporting Tools (Part 3)

Intro We’ve viewed the different tools that help to manage a HPE stack and if and how we could integrate VUM with this. During the project and our research, we found out that it is really difficult to see if the VIBs that are being deployed, are consistent with all the ESXi hosts of the …read more →

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TIQR (Surf NET) stopped working after Android Update 9 (Android Pie)

TIQR (SURFnet) stopped working after Android Update 9 (Android Pie)

For one of my customers, I use TIQR to login remotely. However, after an Android Update towards version 9, the application stopped working. In the beginning it looked like the application didn’t have any problem, since I still would get a push notification that would ask for my code. However, every time I typed down …read more →

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