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vCF 3.x – SDDC Manager Upgrade fails at SDDC-Manager-UI Component

Problem Recap At a customer we had an issue that came back every SDDC-Manager upgrade within the 3.x versions. The SDDC-Manager doesn’t seem to start the upgrade of the service. In the logs there is almost nothing to find of why this isn’t starting. When looking really closely, we see that the RPM is …read more →

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vCF 3.x – No bundles available in the SDDC Manager

Problem Recap After a successful upgrade of the SDDC Manager to version 3.7.1, the UI of the SDDC Manager doesn’t show me any new bundles that can be downloaded. This issue is commonly known for version 3.7.1. and that is because the SDDC Manager needs 2 updates before it can continue with the other components. …read more →

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Troubleshooting: Cannot Add host “Authenticity of the host’s SSL certificate is not verified”.

Intro One of my customers wanted to change the hostname of the ESXi host. In this case, the ESXi hostname stayed the same, but it needed to become part of  a subdomain. Changing an ESXi hostname This can normally be easily done in the following way: Migrate VMs, offline VMs and templates of the host. …read more →

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VUM Error: Host cannot download files from VMware vSphere Update Manager patch store

Setup: vCSA 6.5 with embedded VUM Intro: At one of my customers, I had a weird problem that one of the hosts couldn’t updated through VUM. Time to investigate. Error: “Host cannot download files from VMware vSphere Update Manager patch store.  Check the network connectivity and firewall setup, and check esxupdate logs for details.” When …read more →

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Failed to start file system check on /dev/log_vg/log

vCenter doesn’t start up – Failed to start File System Check on /dev/dis..

A customer of mine had some problems with a vCenter (vCSA 6.5) that didn’t want to boot up anymore. First thing I checked was if I could log in on the vCenter Appliance Management Interface (VAMI). Unfortunately both the webclient as VAMI was unresponsive. This was also the case with SSH. So the last thing …read more →

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VM has No Network Connection, Windows 7 – VMware Fusion 10.1 (Workstation)

Recently I had a weird issue that a Windows 7 virtual machine on VMware Fusion (10.1) wasn’t able to make any network connections. After doing all the basic checks (NAT configured, Windows Firewall, Network adapter connected in VM) I didn’t had a clue what was causing the issue. Still, the problem looked like an issue …read more →

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TIQR (Surf NET) stopped working after Android Update 9 (Android Pie)

TIQR (SURFnet) stopped working after Android Update 9 (Android Pie)

For one of my customers, I use TIQR to login remotely. However, after an Android Update towards version 9, the application stopped working. In the beginning it looked like the application didn’t have any problem, since I still would get a push notification that would ask for my code. However, every time I typed down …read more →

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vSphere Troubleshooting: Hosts Disconnects “Agent unable to save configuration to disk: Error syncing firmware configuration: vim.fault.TooManyWrites”

During a deployment of several ESXi hosts at a customer, I noticed that the new hosts were disconnecting every few minutes. When I checked the event error, it showed a lot of different errors and events, mostly about disconnection errors and connection failures. Which I found weird. Looking closer, the error message reads: “agent unable …read more →

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Troubleshooting: vSphere Sessions are constantly logging off – Connection Timeout

I recently had a problem that one of my vCenters (vCSA 6.5) was constantly logging off any kind of user after a few minutes. Which would end up with the following error output: “Your vsphere Client session is no longer authenticated Please login again”. This even happend after 2 minutes whenever I was logged in. …read more →

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Image result for HPE ILO

Retrieving License Keys and other Valuable information from HPE Servers

Sometimes, you want to have more info then the GUI shows you, or you want to create or change configuration on loads of different servers, and clicking is not the fastest way. Command line and scripting tools always have been a nice way to automate things or to retrieve valuable information that can’t be found …read more →

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