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vCF 3.x – SDDC Manager Upgrade fails at SDDC-Manager-UI Component

Problem Recap At a customer we had an issue that came back every SDDC-Manager upgrade within the 3.x versions. The SDDC-Manager doesn’t seem to start the upgrade of the service. In the logs there is almost nothing to find of why this isn’t starting. When looking really closely, we see that the RPM is …read more →

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vCF 3.x – No bundles available in the SDDC Manager

Problem Recap After a successful upgrade of the SDDC Manager to version 3.7.1, the UI of the SDDC Manager doesn’t show me any new bundles that can be downloaded. This issue is commonly known for version 3.7.1. and that is because the SDDC Manager needs 2 updates before it can continue with the other components. …read more →

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vRealize Operations Manager (vROPS)

Samir of vSAM.proSamir is the author of vSAM.Pro and a Life enthusiast who works as a consultant in the field of IT. With a great passion for Technology & Personal Development, he loves to help people with their problems and challenges, but also inspire them with a positive and unique outlook on life. Besides that, he …read more →

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VMworld Day 4 & Recap

Day 4, it was the last day of VMworld. After having a great VMworld Fest and a relaxt evening with my colleagues the night before, it was time to pack my last stuff and to get back to the Netherlands. My flight to Eindhoven left late in the evening, so I still had a good …read more →

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ITQ at VMworld 2019

VMworld Day 3 – Great People, Great Conversations, Great ses… wait?

Day 3 was a really cool day and maybe even one of the best. I planned lots of cool sessions and wanted to know more about NSX-T & vCF. So, in the morning I put on our “AJAX #ITQlife” shirt, with the idea that it could be a great conversation opener to also meet new …read more →

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Pat Gelsinger & Samir Verkuijlen

VMworld Day 2 – Great Sessions & Great Parties

Day 2 was even quicker over then Day 1. It is abnormal of how much cool new stuff I’ve learned that day. This was not only because of all the sessions, but also because of the amazing talks I had with customers, colleagues and other awesome partners. If there is one thing that definitely stayed …read more →

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Francisco Perez at VMworld 2019

VMworld Day 1 – Partner Forum

As the first day slowly has come to its end, a lot of great impressions has stayed with me. In fact, for me this is already one of the best Partner Days in comparison with previous editions. As I blogged before, VMware is going full in, on creating a Hybrid Cloud Platform. This was once …read more →

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VMworld USA 2019 – VMware is going next level in the Digital Transformation (Part 2/2)

Check out my guest post at the itq website Where I talk all about the latest annoucements of #VMware and how #VMware is taking some serious steps in creating a #HybridCloudPlatform that embraces multiple platforms while giving the control back to business and IT. Find out how #vROps8, hashtag#vRA8 & hashtag#vRO8 is helping businesses with#operations, #automation & #orchestration, and how VMware’s …read more →

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VMworld USA 2019 – VMware is going next level in the Digital Transformation (Part 1/2)

Check out my guest post at the itq website Where I talk all about the latest annoucements of #VMware and how they are taking some big steps in creating a #HybridCloudPlatform that embraces multiple platforms. Find out how #vROps8 & #Wavefront is helping businesses with Cost & Capacity Management in a multi cloud world. Samir …read more →

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Planning and executing the vSphere Roadmap

BlogPost Series – Creating a Roadmap for vSphere Upgrades:
Phase 6 – Defining the Soll & Roadmap

Intro We covered quite some topics in the previous blogposts. We talked about how important the assessment phase is, which Technical & Common vSphere Challenges you could expect, and what the consequences are of certain choices and methods. We also talked about how you can define the “Ist”, and how it is a big part …read more →

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