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vCF 3.x – SDDC Manager Upgrade fails at SDDC-Manager-UI Component

Problem Recap At a customer we had an issue that came back every SDDC-Manager upgrade within the 3.x versions. The SDDC-Manager doesn’t seem to start the upgrade of the service. In the logs there is almost nothing to find of why this isn’t starting. When looking really closely, we see that the RPM is …read more →

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vCF 3.x – No bundles available in the SDDC Manager

Problem Recap After a successful upgrade of the SDDC Manager to version 3.7.1, the UI of the SDDC Manager doesn’t show me any new bundles that can be downloaded. This issue is commonly known for version 3.7.1. and that is because the SDDC Manager needs 2 updates before it can continue with the other components. …read more →

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