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vRealize Operations Manager (vROPS)

Samir of vSAM.proSamir is the author of vSAM.Pro and a Life enthusiast who works as a consultant in the field of IT. With a great passion for Technology & Personal Development, he loves to help people with their problems and challenges, but also inspire them with a positive and unique outlook on life. Besides that, he …read more →

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VMworld USA 2019 – VMware is going next level in the Digital Transformation (Part 1/2)

Check out my guest post at the itq website Where I talk all about the latest annoucements of #VMware and how they are taking some big steps in creating a #HybridCloudPlatform that embraces multiple platforms. Find out how #vROps8 & #Wavefront is helping businesses with Cost & Capacity Management in a multi cloud world. Samir …read more →

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