How to fix Expired Password issues for vCenters & PSCs (Also for vCF environments)

So a frequently upcomming issue at customers, is the password expiration of the root password. This is set by default for 90 days, and after 90 days, well people figure out that they cannot login.

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To solve this, simply make a SSH connection towards the vCenter or PSC.
To access shell with root type:


Then to change the password use the command:


This can be the same password that you already used.

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Then log back in to the vCenter or PSC VAMi (FQDN:5480 or IPaddress:5480).

Go to Administration and change the Password expiration (if this is bothering you and security allows it at your organization)

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If you are using vCF, you can setup Password rotations from the SDDC-Manager which gives you a better and controlled way of securing the root. Btw, if you have a vCF environment, don’t change the password to something different with the shell command “passwd”.

This can give some issues, since the password always needs to be changed from the SDDC-Manager, not directly. If however you have an expiration issue, just make sure you change it to the same value that is also known within the SDDC-Manager.


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