VMware vRealize Orchestrator Log Integration with Log Insight


For a customer I created a work-around after an update of vRO 7.5 to 7.6 removed the read roles for its users that are managed directly through the vRO client. The workaround is simple, forwarding the logs of vRO to vRLI, which then can be used and viewed by users for troubleshooting. Here we go.


So first go the the vRO client

  1. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator Control Center.
    1. Open a Web browser and go to https://yourhostname:8283/vco-controlcenter.
    2. Log in using the following credentials.
Setting Value
User name root
Password password
  1. From the Home page, under Log, click Logging Integration.
  2. On the Logging Integration page, specify the following settings and click Save

Setting Value
Enable logging to a remote log server Selected
Use Log Insight Agent Selected
Host vrealize-li-vip.fqdn
Port 9000
Protocol cfapi

In my case I forwarded the logs to the VIP of the vRLI cluster, but if you only have one tenant, this of course needs to be different.

Once you’ve confirmed the “type: use log insight Agents”, those agents become activated and you’ll see the agents back in the vRLI console.

Alright, that’s it.
I hope this was of any value, the official VMware documentation can be found below, but it is based on VVD.


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