Day: August 20, 2021

VPN ISSUE – VMware Fusion 12 & Big Sur (Mac OS X)

Intro So almost after a year, I finally updated my macbook pro to Big Sur. I came from Catalina and was postponing this upgrade for some time. For my work, I often do upgrades and updates for customers within Windows & VMware. However, coming to my own personal life, and I’m actually not that fond …read more →

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Mental Note to My Self: PLZ check these 3 things first, when troubleshooting VUM (VMware)

Intro So this is going to be a quick blogpost. I often find myself in the situation that I need to update something within VMware. VMware Update Manager (VUM) of course seems to be the best solution for this. However, often I found myself also in the situation that VUM just doesn’t work and for …read more →

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4 Most Common Permission Problems & Mistakes within VMware vSphere and the Content Libary

Intro For one of my customers I looked at a content library (permissions) problem which they have been dealing with for some time. The problem that the customer had was that the vCenter reported that the account(s) had not enough rights to deploy in the resource, whenever a template was chosen in the content library. …read more →

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