Day: August 20, 2021

VPN ISSUE – VMware Fusion 12 & Big Sur (Mac OS X)

Intro So almost after a year, I finally updated my macbook pro to Big Sur. I came from Catalina and was postponing this upgrade for some time. For my work, I often do upgrades and updates for customers within Windows & VMware. However, coming to my own personal life, and I’m actually not that fond …read more →

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Mental Note to My Self: PLZ check these 3 things first, when troubleshooting VUM (VMware)

Intro So this is going to be a quick blogpost. I often find myself in the situation that I need to update something within VMware. VMware Update Manager (VUM) of course seems to be the best solution for this. However, often I found myself also in the situation that VUM just doesn’t work and for …read more →

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