TIQR (SURFnet) stopped working after Android Update 9 (Android Pie)

TIQR (Surf NET) stopped working after Android Update 9 (Android Pie)

For one of my customers, I use TIQR to login remotely. However, after an Android Update towards version 9, the application stopped working. In the beginning it looked like the application didn’t have any problem, since I still would get a push notification that would ask for my code.

Tiqr asking for code and then chrashes

However, every time I typed down the required code to login the app would crash, there were unfortunately no exceptions. This was on my Samsung Galaxy S9, but more Android devices seem to have problems with this.

So I tried the following which didn’t work:

  • Removing the app, and reinstalling it.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Clearing the cache of the current tiqr app.
  • Removing my account and re-add it.
  • Install the tiqr app that is not from SURFnet.

Looking closer to the Tiqr app (SURFnet), it isn’t weird though that the application doesn’t work on Android 9 (Pie). The app hasn’t been updated and maintained since November 2016. That is during this time of this writing (05-03-2019) of course. So, it is not weird that there are compatibility problems with version 9. Which I think is actually really bad, if you know how many (Health Care) institutions and companies are depending on it and pay for this service.

Do note that in the play store there are 2 Tiqr apps. Check which one you need, since the backend infrastructure depends on one of the two types. Tiqr SURFnet is mostly being used in Dutch institutions and Health Care environments.

Luckily, I did find a way to still use the application, since I desperately need it for my customer. To solve this, there is a possible solution and several work arounds.

One of the possible solutions to solve this problem of Tiqr constantly crashing, is by subscribing to the beta program and installing the beta app. However, this goes with a little trial and error so let me sum up the steps that you need to take to make this for most devices successful.

  1. Delete the cache of your current Tiqr app and delete your old profile. This is quite important, if you don’t do this the new app will most probably keep hanging on your old profile and will give an error. Even though you deleted the old app. Deleting the cache can in be found in most devices @ configuration –> Apps –> Tiqr –> Storage. There you should see 2 buttons, one is about emptying your cache and the other about deleting your profile or data.
    Check the screenshots below (The screenshots are is in dutch so sorry).Empty Cache of Tiqr and delete profile
  2. After you have done step 1, remove the Tiqr application from your device.
  3. Go to the play store type down tiqr, select the tiqr of SURFnet and subscribe to the beta program.
    • Selected the tiqr SURFnet app in the playstore. Then scrolling down a bit and you should see somewhere a section that ask if you want to be a beta tester.
    • Select Participate
    • After you accepted the beta program banner, you will see a message in the Google Play Store that it is subscribing you to the beta program. Just wait until it is finished.
    • After you are enrolled, your application will show an option to update itself in the Google Play Store, this is before you even installed the app.
    • After the update, the Google Play Store will show you a newer (beta) version that you can install. For me this was version 2.6-RC3, which was released on the 5th of February, 2019. You should then see something like this.Beta version of Tiqr SURF
  4. After that you have to go back to your support desk or wherever you can register your device. Ask them to delete the old profile and go through the whole registration process again. After that you should be able to log back in again. However, this won’t be by using the push notification, but by scanning the QR code. The push notification doesn’t seem to work in this beta version. You can generate the QR code (if allowed by the organization) while logging in.Generate a QR Code Tiqr
    After you scanned it, you should be able to fill in your personal code.

I hope that this worked for you. If this is not the case and you get an error of the application of invalid key or something, be sure that you definitely have delete your profile on your device together with its cache. This was also one of the problems that I faced but would eventually go away after I have deleted it. If this still didn’t solve your issue, you can still try a few work arounds.


  1. Install the tiqr app on a IOS phone or Device. There doesn’t seem to be issues with the platform of Apple.
  2. Install the app on Android devices that are lower than Android version 9 (Pie). The problem seems to only occur at Android 9.
  3. If allowed from within the company, use other authentication options. Google Authenticator, Yubikey, etc.
  4. If you have no other device and none of the above workarounds works for you, you can still try to virtualize an Android system on your pc or macbook. This isn’t easy and is more for advanced users but it can be a (extreme) solution. I made a tutorial how this can be done on VMware Fusion, and I actually also made it work for this application.

Hope that this was of any value for you, if you’re still facing problems just let me know in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “TIQR (SURFnet) stopped working after Android Update 9 (Android Pie)

  1. Great detailed analysis!

    A new beta has been published today that intends to fix these issues.

    1. @Joost, Awesome to hear, thank you for letting us now ^_^.

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