vCF 3.x – vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Environment Page is Blank after Upgrade

For my customer I upgraded the vRSLCM from version 1.2 to version 2.0 which is in the BOM of vCF 3.5. During the upgrade I had several issues, but we solved it. However, after a successful upgrade, the home Page with all the environments was blank.

At first I was afraid that this was maybe because some of the issues that we had and / or that the upgrade has failed. This becomes even more stressful when you know that the old vRSLCM vm is automatically deleted after a successful upgrade by the SDDC-Manager. However, in the case of vCF it is good to know that most of the data sits within the SDDC-Manager and that it is not lost.

By digging through the SDDC-Manager and Log Insight, you will find that the environments are still there and also known. This is just an UI-issue and will solve itself once it is updated to version 2.0, patch 2. Which will happen when you go to the BOM of vCF 3.7. However, you can always ask GSS to check if your environment is still healthy. But in most cases, after the upgrade to version 2 patch 2 the environments are visible again. As you can see in the screenshot below.

In our case, we still didn’t see the vRA environment, but that was because of different issue, which I will make a separate blogpost off. If however, you still don’t see the environments after the upgrade to patch 2, contact GSS. They can force an import of the environments to vRSLCM within the SDDC-Manager through an API call.

Maybe not the answer that you were directly looking for, but I wanted to let you know so you could be a little bit more assured. Because it can be quite scary when you see this for the first time. Within vCF 3.5, vRSLCM is not really usefull anyway and starts to add value at vCF 3.8. Before that, all the vRealize Suite components still have to be manually updated.


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