VMworld Day 1 – Partner Forum

As the first day slowly has come to its end, a lot of great impressions has stayed with me.
In fact, for me this is already one of the best Partner Days in comparison with previous editions. As I blogged before, VMware is going full in, on creating a Hybrid Cloud Platform. This was once again clearly in an awesome personal partner session I had today, about NSX-T and its future roadmap. Which I will talk more about in the upcoming blogpost. But needless to say is that VMware is going to take security to the next step with NSX-T.

Even still, how awesome this special partner sessions may was, the biggest highlight of the day was of course seeing our own boss Francisco coming on stage at the General Partner Forum session @ VMworld. I felt so immensely proud to be part of this great company and culture, and I think that many of colleague will feel the same. It is amazing how big a small company can be, and that our own boss(es) stay so down to earth and stay so connected with us even after all these amazing achievements we’ve had this last year.

Proud & Happy to be part of ITQ and VMworld again this year ?

Keep my blogpost and socialz in check, cause a lot of more is coming up.
See ya

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