VMworld Day 4 & Recap

Day 4, it was the last day of VMworld. After having a great VMworld Fest and a relaxt evening with my colleagues the night before, it was time to pack my last stuff and to get back to the Netherlands. My flight to Eindhoven left late in the evening, so I still had a good day to spend in Barcelona and on VMworld itself. That day I went to a few vBrownbag sessions, talked to some people on the community, hanged a little bit on the Solution Exchanged, and wrote a few new blogs that I will be sharing soon. For me it was a relaxed day, but also a good day to let all the impressions sink in.

One of the bigger realizations is that VMware is keep going harder, faster and better with their products. The integration becomes better and tighter as well, which also brings completely new options towards customers. The product Portfolio becomes more and more complete and really works toward the vision of creating a simple but great and effective “Hybrid Cloud Platform”. This also brings us consultants or our customers new challenges. More often we will be in a transition phase between different products or versions and that can be difficult. Things like going from nsx-v to nsx-t, vRA 7.x to 8.x, PKS and project Tanzu, are just a few things that can be quite a big change for some organizations. That doesn’t make it always easy or great, but it is that vision that VMware is so beautifully executing that makes it all worthwhile. I truly believe that VMware is going the right directions and that is constantly innovating and helping businesses in ways that nobody had thought of ever before, and gives me a pretty cool job as well.

With a great VMworld behind, I return with a lot of passion to and eager to learn and develop myself more on products like NSX-T, vCF & PKS. Besides that I also think I’m going to challenge myself on a personal level as well, and maybe fill in some speaking slots on events as well.


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