Warning: SSL Certificate almost Expired

SSL Certificate almost Expired

At a customer we got the notification in the vCenter that the certificate was almost expiring.
When I checked the HTML client, I couldn’t find the SSL certificate that the warning was talking about.

Looking deeper, I noticed that the SSO STS Certificate, which are standard issued by VMware and being managed by the vCenter / PSC itself. ,The only way to check those certificates is in the vCenter self and by using the flash client…

View in Webclient. You can also check the certificate through a script of VMware.


  1. Download the checksts.py script attached to this kb.
  2. Upload to vCenter Server or external PSC.  For example, /tmp on the VCSA or %TEMP% on Windows (You may use WinSCP to upload the script to VCSA. Check this blogpost if you experience problems with connecting the WinSCP to the appliance

Afbeelding met tafel Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

  1. Change into the /tmp directory using:
    cd /tmp
  2. Run python checksts.py
    • For Windows, run “%VMWARE_PYTHON_BIN%” checksts.py

So now you know if your SSO / STS certificate is almost about the expire.
If you want to know how to solve this, check out this blogpost of mine.

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