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Hi there and welcome to vSAM.Pro
As a quick introduction, check out this video so that you know what we’re all about.

Now we got that out of the way, who am I
My name is Samir Verkuijlen, and I am a so called life enthousiast, if that’s even a word haha. I love to push myself to see what this life has to offer me. This by challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort-zone. I’ve created a passion for technology and after my studies of “Network Infrastructure Design” I started out to work as an IT consultant. Besides technology, I love travelling, photography, psychology, playing sports, being mindful, personal development and blogging. I also created a big passion for music as a Producer & DJ, but that will not be covered on this site.

So what is this site about?
Well actually everything that I love, but mostly it will be focused on two key topics, which will be IT and Personal Development. I love helping people, and therefor my goal is to build tutorials for IT consultants and other techies. This can be about how to build your own homelab, troubleshooting or just a few thoughts on new software or developments. But even though I am an IT guy, I love to switch off all the technology, and focus on the things that really mater. This can be spending time with loved ones, pursuing my dreams, helping others or to just be grateful and try to be mindful at the same time. So through my blogs I hope to inspire people to get more out of life, help to work towards your dream life and at the same time help you to fully enjoy this process that we call life.

If we would trade all of our expectations for appreciations,
our whole life would be a Miracle
~ Tony Robbins

So thank you for coming and welcome,
I hope that you find something useful on this site and that my posts can be of any help in fulfilling your dreams or helping you in solving your problems. May it be technical or mental.


1 thought on “About This Site

  1. Hi Samir

    Many thanks for your excellent website and particularly the troubleshooting guide “Crashed Synology Volume, and how to Restore”. I have a DS214 play and would dearly love to follow the guidance in your guide, but I am not sure where to begin. I had a single 3TB volume containing family photos and videos. One day I experienced similar problems to the ones you have described. I approached the NAS, to reboot it, but it was making a whirring sound. I switched off the NAS and sought IT help. I was advised to not switch on the device, as the hard disk may have physical damage. I took the drive to a hard drive repair “specialist” who said he believed that some physical damage may have occurred as he, unfortunately, was unable to read any data. So, now I am too scared to insert the drive to the NAS and start my own analysis and repair. Is there anybody you know who could help, or are you able to offer any advice when the physical media may be damaged ? I am based in the UK, but prepared to travel if it enables me to reliably recover the data.

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