VPN ISSUE – VMware Fusion 12 & Big Sur (Mac OS X)

So almost after a year, I finally updated my macbook pro to Big Sur. I came from Catalina and was postponing this upgrade for some time. For my work, I often do upgrades and updates for customers within Windows & VMware. However, coming to my own personal life, and I’m actually not that fond of upgrading my software. I know, not very IT like.

The reason is simple, every upgrade comes often with new challenges and can interrupt my work flow. This is especially true for OS X updates, cause they almost never go without issues. Especially since I’m also using a lot of audio Software because I also have several DAWs for Producing & DJ’ing. Anyway, after the update, quite some stuff seems to be intact except when it came towards my VMware Fusion Program.

So for my customer I use different VMs to make VPN connections towards their systems. This is often an Windows VM that I run on my Macbook with. On Catalina I used VMware Fusion 11. However, when I opened that program when I upgraded towards Big Sur, the program simply just didn’t respond. So I was forced to upgrade the program toward Fusion 12. I installed it and first everything seemed ok, until the first problem showed up.

Some of my VPN Connections towards customers, couldn’t connect anymore.

Of course I was not really happy with this.

Solution (For me)
So from what I read on different forums, a lot of users had this issue after the upgraded to Big Sur and were forced to upgrade towards VMware Fusion 12 as well.
After some fiddeling around, I noticed that the VPN connection was able to connect when I changed the settings within the network adapter of my windows vm (in the Virtual Machine Library of VMware). There I changed the adapter settings to Autodetect, instead of Share with my Mac.

Once I changed the setting my vpn connection could connect again.
Hope this also worked for you, and if not let me know if you solved it or what helped for you.

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  1. VMware Fusion® is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to run Windows and otherbased operating systems on a Mac without rebooting. Unable to access port forwarding on a NAT virtual machine if the traffic is routed through the host IP stack on Big Sur hosts

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