VMworld Day 3 – Great People, Great Conversations, Great ses… wait?

Day 3 was a really cool day and maybe even one of the best. I planned lots of cool sessions and wanted to know more about NSX-T & vCF. So, in the morning I put on our “AJAX #ITQlife” shirt, with the idea that it could be a great conversation opener to also meet new people. As a PSV supporter I had to step over some personal resistance, since it just didn’t completely feel right. But the Champions League is a valid reason to make an exception, even for Ajax😉. So, I went out for a coffee and before I knew it, all kinds of people walked towards me to start a conversation. From that point on, I met quite a lot of cool new people in the community, who then introduced me to other cool people as well, and before I knew it, I missed all my sessions😅. I guess I just have to knock at the door of my other colleagues for some cool updates. Luckily there are 39 other ITQ’ers here so I will definitely get my shot of techinezz back, one way or another.

So, no sessions for me that day, but I learned a lots of other stuff at the same time as well, and I guess that this is all part of the VMworld experience. There is so much to do, and everyone spend these days their own way, based on their own vision and needs. For me, this was actually one of the most valuable days at VMworld ever, and I encourage others as well to keep their schedule a bit open for these kinds of spontaneous actions.

One last note, I want to give a big thank you towards our Marketing team and ITQ in General. Every year they create such an awesome content that makes VMware even better and more memorable. Besides that ITQ itself also creates and sponsor lots of events like the awesome trip towards the Super Computing Datacenter, the Benelux party or ITQ dinners in general. It is work in its best way and sometimes you don’t even realize that. It’s like going on a holiday trip with friends and family while learning so much stuff, and coming back with more energy, more knowledge and awome new memories. It is work, but it doesn’t feels like it, which means both ITQ as VMware do an amazing job in creating this event. So thank you for this 😁.


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